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Ideas for Creative Wedding Invitations

If you are one of those happily engaged couples who are currently preparing for their much anticipated wedding, then you must be having a hard time thinking of great ideas to use for your wedding invitations. Although most couples will be content with the classic invites that contain a short message for the guest with the information about the wedding, some still like to make a great impact with the invitations that they send out. Besides, wedding invitations are like the official sign that the wedding excitement is on, so it is just appropriate that you make it very special as well. To help you out, here are some ideas for creative wedding invitations that will truly mesmerize your guests.

Make a Comic Strip

You can present you and your partner in funny caricatures with speech bubbles asking your guests to come to your wedding. You can incorporate a lot of fancy ideas here to make it comical yet sincere. Your guests, in turn, will enjoy reading a short strip instead of the usual stuff that they often see in wedding invitations.

Message in a Bottle

For creative wedding invitations, use bottles instead of the conventional envelope. Roll up the invitation and place it inside the bottle, stopper it with a cork, and add some ribbons. You may even choose some colored bottles to add some effect. This is definitely one invitation that your guests will display on a shelf in their homes for a long a time.

Reveal your Interest

Your wedding invitation is a means to share you and your partner’s interest with your guests. For example, if you love watching movies, then your invitation can look like a movie ticket. If you are both fans of the Star Wars enterprise, then you can use that as a motif on your invitations, too.

Add a Keepsake

Wedding souvenirs need not be given on the day of the wedding itself. You may, in fact, give it in advance with your invitation. For instance, instead of a written invitation, you can record your message on a CD along with ten tracks of your favorite love songs. If your wedding will be held in a beach, you can send along pairs of flip-flops for your guests, which they can use for the event. A hand fan that is tied with your wedding invitation is also a good idea if you happen to have a summer wedding.

The Art of Paper Folding

Your guests will be delighted once they open an invitation that is intricately folded to create different shapes, while at the same time with your message strategically printed on the surface. These can be great art pieces to be displayed in homes and no one will suspect that they are actually wedding invitations.

These are just few ideas that you can try for your wedding invitations, click here for more fun wedding invitations. Let your imagination wander and you will definitely come up with a lot more. Just remember that wedding invitations do not always have to be conventional. You can be fun and creative all you want because what matters most is that you and your partner follow your passion to have a wedding that defines your uniqueness.